Your Trusted Third Party Analytical Metallurgical Laboratory

Trusted since 1974

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of material testing services from metallurgical evaluations, mechanical testing, chemical analysis, corrosion testing, nondestructive examinations, weld testing, and welder and procedure qualifications to failure analysis for both ferrous and nonferrous alloys.

In addition, we provide specialized services and product testing for ANSI, API, ASME, ASNT, ASTM, AWS, ISO, MSS, End-User, and other industry specific qualification and testing.

Lastly, our consulting services provide a wealth of industry knowledge to help our clients succeed. Whether it be regarding failure analysis, industry knowledge, materials of construction, manufacturing design and process flow, cost improvements, supplier management and quality management systems.


Chemical Analysis

We offer Chemical Analysis to identify the contents, composition, and quality of the materials used in product development, manufacturing, and in-service support activities. Analytical Wet Chemistry, OES, LIBS, and SEM-EDS are all offered.


Corrosion Testing

Our Corrosion Testing offers confidence all metals, plating, and coatings adhere to the highest performance standards, and helps manufacturers and their customers understand just how the materials will hold up under predetermined conditions. 


PMI Identification

Our Positive Material Identification program offers quick alloy identification of materials. Our certified API RP578 inspectors provide crucial material traceability to ensure raw material or critical components are exactly as specified.


Metallurgical Examination

Our Metallurgical Examination provides analysis of physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, their intermetallic compounds, and their mixtures, which are called alloys.


Mechanical Testing

Our Mechanical Testing examines and evaluates materials for strength and quality to ensure safety towards their end-use.


Weld Testing

We provide third party Weld Test and Welder and Weld Procedure Qualifications performed in accordance with ASNT and AWS along with other applicable industry standards.


Non-Destructive Testing

We provide Non-Destructive Examination, commonly known as NDE, which incorporates a wide variety of technical methods. NDE evaluates materials without destroying their usefulness.


Product Inspection

Specializing in Product Inspection and Testing of raw materials and components to provide quality assurance for our clients and ensuring the functionality and overall safety of end consumers.


Failure Analysis

Helping our clients solve engineering issues, manufacturing issues, heat treat issues, material issues, contamination issues, root cause investigation of failed components and assemblies to prevent further future failures.


Valve Testing

Our Valve Testing programs helps our clients validate their design whether it be API RP 591 Design Qualification, Fugitive Emissions, Fire Testing or simply Hydrostatic Testing.  Our testing program provides confidence as they prepare to bring their product to market. 



Our consulting services ranges from metallurgy, failure analysis, manufacturing processes, supply chain, and quality management. From design to repair, we support you with profound metallurgical knowledge, serviceability, and extensive experience.



We offer industry specific training and awareness programs to ensure your staff understand applicable industry requirements.